Queen of All Hearts Limited

We maintain high quality and excellent service standards

About us

Queen of All Hearts Limited is a wholly indigenous Confectionery Company that came into operation sixteen years ago.

We started off with cakes and then diversified into bread making because we believe in offering our customers a good balance of luxury and staple confectionery products; thus we have now migrated from a cake only company to offering a wide variety of confectionery products.

Our product portfolio comprises of different kinds of cakes, pastries, finger foods, desserts and bread.

Queen of All Hearts Limited has over the years set and maintained high quality and excellent service standards in its line of business.

In addition to its mass-market appeal, the company has cultivated some highly esteemed corporate clientele.

As a growing and forward-looking company, we have survived well in the very competitive confectionery market as a result of our ability to consistently offer premium quality and adhere strongly to the principles of corporate governance.

The company is run by individuals with a strong background in Operations Management, Marketing and Business Development.

Queen of All Hearts Limited has already commenced the process of moving to its own permanent site with a view to delivering its products, more efficiently to its teeming customers.

Although still restricted to Lagos and Ibadan, its vision is to make its flagship brand “QUEENS BAKE” a national and international brand.